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Incredible service and excellent communication!

Lino Son 9/29/2019
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친절하고 명료한 업무처리!They are very kind and smooth support overall process and explain clear what steps provided over to me. Strongly recommend law firm who had unexpected accident.Thank you so much overall support and I will recommend my friends who may need this kind of law support.기대이상의 상세하신 설명과 가이드라인 제시와 그리고 사후처리 및 정산내역을 명료하게 설명해주셔서 감사합니다처리진행중에 여러가지 통신, 필요한 인포메이션등 도 많은 도움이 되었습니다. 정말 쉽고, 이해가 되도록 설명하시더군요.사고후 보상문제가 생기신분들께 진심으로 추천드려요.저의 경우에는 매우 만족스러운 법률보상지원 서비스를 받았습니다. 주변 지인분들에게도 필요한 경우가 생기면 당연히 Chung & Associate law firm 을 권유할 생각입니다.팀 멤버 여러분께 다시한번더 감사합니다!

Richard Kim 8/29/2019
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Chung & Associates is definitely a reliable law firm. They were there for me from beginning to the end when my family and I got into a car accident. They were very supportive and made everything go smoothly. We’re fully satisfied with the work they’ve done for us.

J K 7/29/2019
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I appreciated your perfection and kindness

Bibiana hyewon Cheon 6/29/2019
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I had an excellent teamed up with Chung&Associates professionally to go through with my situation. I would highly recommend this company to my friends, if they really need to get the best shot for them.

밀린일기 5/29/2019
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Kind and nice service. And Quick feedback!

Serena Ryu 5/29/2019
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Matt C 3/29/2019
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Andrew Lee 3/29/2019
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"Do you need an fully experienced and dedicated Vancouver criminal lawyer and good family law attorney firm? The Chung & Associates is professional law firm in New Westminster. They giving legal services in Vancouver, Burnaby and other surrounding areas.ThanksJohn Smith

John Smith 10/29/2015
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Schunglaw offering best legal services in Vancouver, Canada.

Shahzad Alam 10/29/2015